Universal SRP Kit C



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The PDT Universal SRP C Kit, organized in a convenient FlipTop™ Cassette, is a uniquely selected set of instruments modified to meet the needs of a Dental Service Organization that works closely with PDT. Having a specialized scaling and root planing kit that was designed with feedback from the DSO team ensures each hygienist in their organization has a high-quality standardized SRP setup that meets their specific needs as a practitioner and the needs of the patients they serve. The double rack cassette allows room for additional instruments of the clinicians' choice.

Kit Includes:

(T007B-D) B-Series FlipTop™ Cassette - Double Rack 14

(R067) Columbia 4L-4R

(R080) Langer 3-4

(R090) H5-L5

(R138) Montana Jack®

(R167) 11-12 ODU Explorer

(R216) ACE™-12 Short Probe

(R245) Cone Socket Mirror Handle

(T040) Cotton Pliers

(T050) #5 Mirror (15/16")

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We want your instruments to last as long as they can, while maintaining the safety and comfort of both you and your patients. This is why we have put together the PDT Product Care Guide as well as the PDT Product Reprocessing Guide.