The PDT Difference

The PDT Difference

PDT – Innovation, Comfort, and Career Longevity!

At PDT, we’re passionate about creating instruments that increase clinician comfort through smart ergonomics, improve efficiency with better blade and handle design, and enhance durability by using only the best materials and metallurgical processes. We observe and research professional and patient needs in order to innovate and design the best instruments available.

<p>Lighten Up. Get a Grip.</p>

Lighten Up. Get a Grip.

  • PDT’s solid, thermal resin handled instruments weigh only 13 grams, providing an ideal weight for regular use.
  • Wide handle design with a unique knurled grip that goes all the way to the shank provides ergonomic comfort, reducing hand fatigue and pinch.
  • By focusing on clinician comfort and ergonomics, PDT instruments provide increased tactile sensitivity and reduce the development of musculoskeletal disorders over time.
<p>Passionate, Purpose Driven Design</p>

Passionate, Purpose Driven Design

  • PDT dental instruments are designed and handcrafted in the USA and Germany!
  • We observe and work with clinicians to design innovative instruments based on professional and patient needs.
<p>Strong. Sharp. Durable.</p>

Strong. Sharp. Durable.

  • We use high-quality 440A stainless steel to create harder and tougher instruments.
  • PDT’s unique heat treatment and cryogenic process allow for blades that can stand up to resharpening and last 2-7 times longer.
  • Our attention to instrument blade size, angulation, curvature, and balance allow for blade designs that adapt anatomically to allow clinicians to be more efficient and promote patient comfort.
<p>Streamlined Color Recognition</p>

Streamlined Color Recognition

  • Anatomical color-coding on PDT dental instruments make for faster set-ups and more efficient pick-ups.