Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance

PDT Product Care

We want your instruments to last as long as they can, while maintaining the safety and comfort of both you and your patients. This is why we have put together the PDT Product Care Guide as well as the PDT Product Reprocessing Guide. Proper care and reprocessing will ensure that you get the most out of your PDT instrument. Click the buttons below to download the PDFs.

PDT Product Warranty & Guarantee

PDT offers a 60 day guarantee on all instruments. If you purchase an instrument that does not meet your expectations, or has a manufacturer defect, return it to your dealer with a copy of your invoice and it will be exchanged or you will be issued a full refund. PDT may help facilitate the exchange or refund of instruments within the 60 day warranty.

Reprocessing and Sterilization Guide

All PDT, Inc. products are shipped non sterile. Office practitioners are responsible for proper sterilizing prior to the first patient use. It is the responsibility of the office to ensure that employees are trained and qualified to perform the reprocessing and understand all local laws and requirements. Products must be reprocessed after each patient use. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to use validated processes for cleaning and sterilizing products. All PDT, Inc. products are designed for trained dental professionals and are to be used in accordance with industry standard dental practices for the instrument’s intended purpose.

PDT Instrument Life Expectancy

PDT instruments are crafted from the finest materials available and are created by highly skilled craftspeople. Instruments undergo rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality possible. PDT is always innovating. We have proprietary heat treatment and cryogenic treatment processes that create harder and tougher instruments with the development of an amazing grain structure for our metal tips. Special processes utilized in our manufacturing steps also allow for a harder finished product. This combination produces one of the finest dental instruments on the market.

PDT Product Registration

Paradise Dental Technologies instruments are designed for trained dental professionals and are to be used in
accordance with standard dental practices.

Product Registration