"My PDT instruments stay sharp longer, have a nice and light weight grip while adapting well to the tooth surface; they make my day easier! Montana Jack and Queen of Hearts are my favorites."

- Guylaine Blais

"PDT instruments stay sharp longer, are lightweight and contour perfectly against the tooth! They feel great to use as a practitioner while achieving optimal patient comfort."

- Bettina Lew

"I love everything about PDT! The ordering is a snap, customer service is top notch, shipping is quick, (made in the USA) the instrument angles are perfect and keep a blade much longer than the competition."

- Danielle Whisler, RDH

"I love PDT instruments! The Montana Jack is the best instrument ever made. I could not live without it. It can be easily adapted to almost every tooth. I could not do my job without it."

- Kristin VanLeuven Winslow

"I love the way PDT instruments adapt to the tooth surface and have the best grip, especially with nitrile gloves!"

- Robyn Newbern Patterson

"I lived in Montana for 14 years, practicing clinical dental hygiene. During that time PDT was created and created the best instruments I have ever used. Quality instruments and great people, I wouldn't order anything else!"

- Ranae Mechura Maas

"I LOVE my PDT scalers! I have been using them for over 12 years and will never use anything else. They are lightweight and sharp. The Montana-Jack is my all-time favorite. Thank you PDT!!!!"

- Jeana Schiele-Dittmer

"I took my CRDTS exam recently and used only PDT scalers and passed without being able to use a cavitron! I am so thankful for the sharpness of PDT instruments! I was able to confidently scale very heavy and tenacious calculus thanks to PDT!"

- Brittany Santos, RDH

"As a full time hygienist, I am only as good as my best instruments. Thank you PDT for the Montana Jack and the Montana Jack 4/5. I want to also thank you for your consistent instrument donations to the community clinic where I work."

- Jerilyn Thompson, RDH

"I LOVE PDT. I don't know what I would do without my Montana Jack! PDT is my go-to company for the best instruments and best quality!"

- Jessica Bosch-Dunbar

A message from CEO and Founder Linda Miller.

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