Our Story

Our Story

About the Company

PDT, Inc. was born in my two-car garage in 2000 – a new beginning based on more than 30 years experience in the dental industry.

I wanted to bring fresh and improved products to clinicians, growing out of those decades of listening to your observations, ideas, suggestions, and new technology. The corporate name, Paradise Dental Technologies, came from my determination that our employees, our dental partners, and your patients should have the finest possible products available in the dental marketplace. It should be Paradise!

Dental instrument design, evolution, and development have been my professional life for thirty-plus years and it has always been fascinating and rewarding. It has been fun and interesting to work in clinics around the world, see new techniques and address ongoing issues. There are always new technologies to explore and examine and so many ways to make things better.

I am proud to offer what I believe are the most carefully designed and hand-crafted dental instruments available, as well as the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective instrument sharpening system I have ever seen!

Take a look at our Amazing Graceys™Wingrove Implant Scalers™Micro-Serrated Periotomes™, and ACE™ Furcation Probes! All are innovative and exciting products born from ideas brought to us by practitioners like you, and now touching lives in more than fifty different countries.

We love what we do, and we enjoy working with all of you. Come by our booth at tradeshows, attend one of our training sessions, phone one of our representatives with your questions, or just give us a call. We plan to continue introducing exciting and innovative products to make your lives better, and we are grateful that you have made us the fastest-growing dental instrument company in the World!

Thank you for partnering with PDT,

Linda J. Miller, CEO PDT, Inc.

CEO & Founder Linda Miller at a mission in Nicaragua, 2017.

PDT Dental
The PDT Team, 2023.

Our success at PDT is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our dedicated team. Comprising passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, we thrive on creativity and shared goals. From product design to global outreach, each team member contributes to our mission, making PDT a dynamic and innovative force in the dental industry.

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