Ultimate Implant Kit



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Your total solution for Implant Maintenace! Introducing the Ultimate Implant Kit a limited-edition collaboration with Zirc.

What's Included:

Wingrove™ L3-4 Ti (R680)

Wingrove™ B5-6 Ti (R661)

Wingrove™ N128-L5 Mini Ti (R693)

EasyView™ UNC12 Probe (T216)

DiamondHead™ Ceramic Stone (T061)

Pineyro Arch™ Ti 1 (R630)

Pineyro Arch™ Ti 2 (R631)

Pineyro Arch™ Ti 3 (R632)

Pineyro Arch™ Ti 4 (R633)

Montana Jack® Titanium (R138T)

Amazing Gracey™ 13-14 Extended Reach Micro Mini Ti (R696)

Zirc E-Z Jett Cassette 10-Place

*Follow sterilization guidelines per respective manufacturer

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We want your instruments to last as long as they can, while maintaining the safety and comfort of both you and your patients. This is why we have put together the PDT Product Care Guide as well as the PDT Product Reprocessing Guide.