Slade Blade™ 1



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The PDT Slade Blade™ 1 is designed for the Anterior Narrow with a smooth cutting edge on one end and a serrated cutting edge on the other, 2.8mm blade. Designed with periodontist Dr. Scott Froum, Paradise Dental Technologies’ (PDT) Slade Blade allows for more efficient removal of granulation tissue in post-extraction sockets because of a unique serrated edge and high-quality steel blade. Thorough removal of cystic infected tissue to leave a clean socket is crucial when preparing to place an implant. PDT’s line of Slade Blades gives periodontists a more precise blade, sized more accurately for sockets. This allows for cleaner extractions and more effective implant placements. In addition to high-quality 404A steel, the Slade Blade uses PDT’s unique heat treatment and cryogenic process to create a tougher, more durable blade.

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