Pineyro Arch™ Ti Kit (instruments only)



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The PDT Pineyro Arch™ Implant Kit (Patent Pending) was invented by Dr. Alfonso Pineyro, DDS, and PDT to adequately address the difficulties in hygiene access for full fixed implant restorations. The four instruments in the kit are the first of their kind and are designed specifically to adapt to the implant itself, eliminating the need to remove the prosthesis for cleaning. Patients pay top dollar for fixed implants, and the last thing they want is to have them entirely removed for a simple procedure. Also, there are cost savings for the dental office as the dentist is not required to remove the prosthesis while still delivering a superior cleaning experience to their patients. All the instruments are made from PDT's uniquely processed solid titanium that won't scratch implants or leave behind debris. This is an instrument-only kit and does not include a cassette.

Kit includes:

(R630) Pineyro Arch™ Ti 1(Patent Pending)

(R631) Pineyro Arch™ Ti 2 (Patent Pending)

(R632) Pineyro Arch™ Ti 3 (Patent Pending)

(R633) Pineyro Arch™ Ti 4 (Patent Pending)

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We want your instruments to last as long as they can, while maintaining the safety and comfort of both you and your patients. This is why we have put together the PDT Product Care Guide as well as the PDT Product Reprocessing Guide.