PDT Product Warranty & Guarantee

PDT Product Warranty & Guarantee

PDT offers a 60 day guarantee on all instruments. If you purchase an instrument that does not meet your expectations, or has a manufacturer defect, return it to your dealer with a copy of your invoice and it will be exchanged or you will be issued a full refund. PDT may help facilitate the exchange or refund of instruments within the 60 day warranty. Forceps are provided with an unlimited warranty against breakage.

PDT also provides a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, providing limitations listed below are not present. Product “lifetime” means the ordinary, expected life, which varies by type of product. After 60 days from the date of the invoice, PDT will, at its discretion, assess instruments with which you have an issue and determine whether to repair or replace the instrument based on that assessment. An invoice must be returned with the instruments in order for PDT to evaluate instruments for replacement.

All PDT products must be cleaned and sterilized according to guidelines published at www.pdtdental.com/product-use-and-maintenance.

PDT evaluates all instruments returned by customers who feel the instrument did not perform as expected beyond the 60 day period. Limitations on replacement will include the following circumstances:

  • When the working blade has been reduced in size by 30% or more, in length, width or depth. The reduction in blade size and shape is a normal part of use and sharpening in the lifetime of an instrument.
  • When instruments have been improperly maintained, chemically contaminated, or damaged by excessive heat or pressure.
  • When instruments have been exposed to cleaning solutions containing phenols or other chemicals that are not conducive to our handles.
  • When instruments have been modified or retipped.
  • When instruments have been improperly used.
  • When an instrument is over five (5) years old.
  • Complimentary instruments are not subject to warranty replacement.

PDT disclaims liability, under any applicable warranty or otherwise, for damage arising from: (1) the use of commercial/residential grade washers; (2) the use of dental automated washer-disinfectors where the manufacturer’s processing guidelines are not followed; (3) the use of cleaning solutions, chemicals and/or procedures that are contrary to PDT’s recommendations; and/or (4) improper setup and/or installation of any product.

The warranty for the Gleason Guide™ is five (5) years. For the warranty to be effective on the guides, you must register your guide within 60 days of purchase. You can do this online by going to pdtdental.com. Improper handling or excessive pressure placed on the guide with the instrument will cause excessive wear on the guide and will void the warranty.

The warranty on the Diamond Head Ceramic Stone™ and the Transformation Sharpening Stone™ is five (5) years. Improper handling, dropping or handling the stones roughly can cause breakage or chipping of the stones. Too much pressure placed on the stone with the instrument when sharpening can cause excessive wear on the stone. Improper handling of the stones in this manner will void the warranty.

The warranty for the Flip Top™ Cassette is five (5) years. At its option, PDT will repair or replace any cassette that is defective because of material failure (including corrosion) or workmanship of the cassette shell, internal or moving parts. Damage from misuse, abuse, negligence or alterations to the cassette void the warranty. If manufacturer’s processing guidelines for commercial grade washers or dental automated washer disinfectors is not followed, the warranty is void. For the warranty to be effective, you must register your cassette within 60 days of purchase. You can do this online by going to pdtdental.com.

It is our company policy and commitment to constantly upgrade and improve the quality of the products we produce. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the design of instruments or to discontinue products without notice.