Dental Product Shopper Evaluation - I Dream Of Hygiene™ Kit

Dental Product Shopper Evaluation - I Dream Of Hygiene™ Kit


A complete kit of lightweight, ergonomic hygiene instruments that are conveniently organized in a FlipTop Cassette to save time and maximize safety

After 22 years as a dental hygienist, Monica Rogers has dreamed of “finding an instrument setup that would be able to clean an entire mouth with limited instruments.” Knowing that “having a smaller number of instruments minimizes expense and maximizes efficiency,” Rogers’ dream came true when she found the I Dream of Hygiene Kit , a set of high-quality instruments that includes just about everything needed during a dental hygiene procedure.


New from Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT), the kit was designed by hygienists for hygienists through a global Instagram campaign. “It contains instruments that I’d never considered trying before but worked great to allow access for most surfaces,” said Rogers, who especially enjoyed the probe and explorer that were combined into one instrument and the Langer, which “offered Gracey-like angulation and universal adaptation, so it cut down on the number of instruments in the kit.” For easy instrument selection, improved safety, and instrument protection, the contents are stored in a convenient FlipTop Cassette that “makes the clinician more efficient and frees up time for patient care and other duties,” said Rogers.

Completeness of Kit

PDT’s I Dream of Hygiene Kit includes a FlipTop Cassette, cotton pliers, cone socket mirror and handle, Explorer 23/Probe 12, Explorer 11/12, Jack B. Nimble Slim, Montana Jack, Barnhart 5-6, Langer 3-4, and Queen of Hearts. The kit has a “wonderful assortment of instruments perfect for periodontal therapy,” and it “definitely helped hunt down burnished subgingival deposits,” commented Laurie Humphrey, who said she “didn’t need to look for a different instrument; I had what I needed.” Amber Metro Sanchez stated, “This set of instruments had a scaler designed for every possible need. Whether the tissue was tight, or the reach was far, I had exactly what I needed within my grasp.” Calling it a “really great set of instruments that performs very well,” Twyla Rader said the Montana Jack is the most versatile instrument she has ever used. A few hygienists wished the kit included another instrument or two, and Jori McClure suggested that an air water syringe tip be added. Most of the evaluators said they would recommend the I Dream of Hygiene Kit to colleagues, including Lynn Ramer who called it a “nice complete set.” Suggesting a double-sided mirror, Rogers decided, “If they change the mirror head, it’s darn near perfect.”

Queen of Hearts and FlipTop Cassette

Two items in the I Dream of Hygiene Kit were especially popular among the evaluators—the Queen of Hearts curette and the FlipTop Cassette. A universal periodontal finishing curette with long, closed-face cutting edges, Queen of Hearts “reaches the hardto-reach line angles and finishes the root surfaces well,” said Lynell Ciranna. Metro Sanchez said she “had no issue accessing the tissue when I used the Queen of Hearts and Montana Jack scalers,” and Lydia Pope said the Queen of Hearts “makes scaling the root surface more accessible.”

The FlipTop Cassette can hold up to 18 instruments and features a LiftOut Rack on top and a Fixed Rack on the bottom. “I absolutely love the FlipTop Cassette,” shared Metro Sanchez, and Kelly Swatts said, “The flip top case made handling easier.” Rogers noted, “A cassette keeps the operator safe, limiting the chance of injury during transport and sterilization.” Agreeing that the cassette is “safe and very efficient,” Ciranna enjoyed “the ease of putting everything inside and going through the sterilization procedures” and is now convinced “that we should all be using a cassette system.”

Amber Metro Sanchez

"This set of instrumentshad a scaler designedfor every possible need."

Monica Rogers

“The FlipTop Cassettemakes the clinician moreefficient and frees up timefor patient care.”

Lydia Pope

“The Queen of Hearts made scaling the rootsurface more accessible.”
Amber Metro Sanchez,
Fort Wayne, IN
Monica Rogers,
Wichita, KS
Lydia Pope,
New Lenox, IL

Instrument Ergonomics

PDT’s instruments feature a lightweight design, ergonomic handles, and durable tips and blades that retain their sharpness. “[I like] that the instruments can be used in the anterior or posterior and [that] everything is so lightweight,” reported McClure. Humphrey said the instruments reduced her hand and wrist fatigue, the blade retained its sharpness, and “the angle of the blade created better contouring and contact.” Though “it took some time to get used to the knurl pattern [on the handle],” Rogers said the grip felt secure in her hand and was not slippery. The instruments “have a nice feel for detecting calculus,” noted Ciranna, who said the shaft could be a little more rigid for calculus removal. “These instruments are kind to your hands, remain sharp for long periods of time, and are very versatile and adaptable,” reported Rader, and Metro Sanchez called the instruments “amazingly sharp and lightweight.”

Overall Satisfaction

Calling PDT’s I Dream of Hygiene Kit a “really great set of instruments that performs very well,” Rader noted, “I reached for this cassette at every opportunity because I knew the instruments would be sharp and would allow for more efficient scaling.” Pope concluded by saying, “PDT offers a good selection of instruments, and overall, the hygiene kit was great.”


Kit includes everything needed for a hygiene procedure in one place
FlipTop Cassette allows for easy organization and increased safety & efficienty
Instruments are lightweight and ergonimically designed
Blades and tips retain sharpness
Reduces the number of instruments needed during a procedure

“It is a really great set of instruments that performs very well.”
Twyla Rader, LDH
Danville, IN

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