Total Restorative Kit



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The PDT Total Restorative Kit was designed to fit the multidisciplinary nature of restorative dentistry. This kit incorporates elements of many of our other popular kits all in one convenient grab-and-go setup. You’ll have the necessary hand instruments to tackle procedures such as caries excavation, preparing and placing crowns, bridges, inlay/onlay/overlay preparations, dental implants, and more. Having a setup that allows a wide range of applications increases efficiency for the practice and reduces chair time for patients. This kit utilizes a PDT signature FlipTop™ Cassette which makes storage, organization, and cleaning as simple and efficient as the instruments themselves.

Kit Includes:

(T015E-F) E-Series FlipTop™ Cassette - Fixed Rack 15 with Standard Divider

(R138) Montana Jack™

(R223) 23 Explorer-12 Probe

(R245) Cone Socket Mirror Handle

(R269) 3-6 Discoid-Cleoid Carver

(R284) Hollenback 1/2-3 Carver

(R286) G2 Thin Composite

(R287) G3 Thin Composite

(R333) 27-29 Burnisher

(R336) Calcium Hydroxide Placer

(R347) 0-1 Blacks Plugger

(R362) 113 Off Angle Cord Packer

(R375) Mixing Spatula-Applicator

(R386) 38-39 Excavator

(R534) IPC-T Gold Line™ (Composite Sculpting System)

(T042) Meriam Tweezers

(T046) Miller Articulating Paper Forceps

(T050) #5 Mirror (15/16")

(T235) Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe Medium

(T356) Amalgam Well

(T800) Iris Curved Scissors (11.5cm)

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We want your instruments to last as long as they can, while maintaining the safety and comfort of both you and your patients. This is why we have put together the PDT Product Care Guide as well as the PDT Product Reprocessing Guide.