Through EARTHCARE™, PDT will accept old, used instruments
from the practitioner.

For any 12 instruments, regardless of manufacturer, PDT will send you a FREE
outstanding 440A stainless steel curette or scaler.

PDT craftspeople then recondition any salvageable instruments and donate to
dental/hygiene missions throughout the world.

Other components of EARTHCARE™ include but are not limited to:

  • We reuse all of our packaging materials
  • We recycle or reuse all of our shipping containers
  • We recycle or reuse all of our fax or copy paper

Have a Heart and Give Back!

On all returned instruments, please ensure they are packaged securely with the completed EARTHCARE™ form.  The packaging should keep the instruments from poking through. If the instruments are not secured properly, they may protrude out of the package and cause harm to the postal workers. Please keep in mind the postal workers may file a legal complaint against the sender of any package that may cause them harm.

Send completed forms with instruments to:
8275 Highway 10 West, Missoula, MT 59808
Or Fax to (406) 626-4550
If you have any questions regarding the EARTHCARETM process, please call 800-240-9895

For the planet, for us all. Join us in making a difference around the world!
Download the EARTHCARE™ form here.